The Thai Man and a Dream…….

Some years ago, I had the honor of listening to a talk by Jason Carlson at a World View Weekend event near Milwaukee.  Jason is an expert in world religions, as was his father Ron Carlson.  Jason spoke in depth about just how and why Christianity is true by using the law of law of non-contradiction and other means.

In closing, Jason told this story.  It is quite powerful and left a great impression on all who heard him:

“The Thai man had a dream that he was in a deep hole with filled with water. He couldn’t swim, he was trying his best to stay above the water but it wasn’t working. He looked up and saw Buddha standing at the edge of the hole looking down at him. He yelled to Buddha “rescue me!” Buddha began to yell down at him, giving him instructions on how to swim, which didn’t work well. The man was still drowning. He looked up and saw Jesus on the opposite edge of the hole looking down. He yelled to Christ “rescue me!” Jesus then jumped into the water, swam to him and brought him to safety. Then He taught the man to swim so that one day he would be able to rescue others.”

For more on Jason Carlson and his ministry Christian Ministries International, check the website at


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