JPII: The Blood Tour

4 You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.(Exodus 20:4)

The kissing of the blood

On May 1, 2011, a ritual was held at the Vatican for beatification of the late pope John Paul II. During the service the current pope, kissed a vile of the blood of his predecessor. The Vatican declared the blood “a relic for veneration.” Now, the blood is on a world tour.

The blood was most recently on the tour was Colombia.  According to the Catholic News Agency, the blood would “be on display for veneration (read adoration and worship) January 2-22 in the cities of Bogota and Cartago.”  According to Father Slawomir Oder, postulator of John Paul II’s cause for canonization and custodian of the relic, “His blood is the symbol of life, life given for God and for others and its presence reminds us of the Christian vocation to spend one’s life loving God and neighbor,”[1]  The presence of the blood in Bogata lead to long lines, as the picture below illustrates.

The line to see the blood in Bogata, Columbia

The blood was in Mexico last August. According to, in an article titled “Can John Paul II bring hope to Mexico?”:
In what Catholic leaders pray can help end Mexico’s tribulation of gangland slaughter, the late Pope John Paul II, or rather a bit of his blood, has begun a tour of the country.

Several thousand believers filed Thursday past a small crystal capsule holding the blood at Mexico City’s Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, ground zero of this country’s Catholic faith. Extracted from John Paul shortly before his death in 2005, the blood rests in the folded hands of a glass-enclosed wax effigy of the pontiff.
“In the folded hands of a glass-enclosed wax effigy of the pontiff,” can anything be more creepy?

the blood
The blood

What are we as Christians to make of this? I asked that very question to a former Catholic who has now been heading a Christian ministry aimed at bringing the Truth to the Catholics of the world. His reply was short and sweet and to the point: “It is all part of the disgusting fruit of Rome, paganism and unregenerate people.” I completely agree. It is disgusting and it is pagan. And it screams of idolatry. What is the purpose of this tour? It is for the veneration of this relic. Veneration is worship, adoration and awe, much in the same way the Roman church worships and adores the Eucharistic wafer and Mary.

What is it with the Roman church and relics? They do have many. Some are claimed to be the actual wood of the cross on which Christ died. Others can be pieces of clothing belong to their dead saints, said saint’s body parts; fingers and such, heads or even their entire bodies. A monastery in the Sinai desert, St. Catherine’s, claims to posses the still alive actual burning bush from which God first spoke to Moses! Never mind that the bush is at least 3,460 years old.

Just what is the purpose of these relics? The Roman church has hundreds of dead people they have deemed “saints,” they venerate Mary and they have thousands of relics all around the world. They have “patron” saints for almost anything from carpenters to the internet. (Pagan religions have gods and goddesses for almost anything too) How many members of the Church of Rome have St. Christopher medals or a small statuette of him on their dashboards when they travel in order to be kept from harm? Of course, those are good luck charms, which are no different than what the pagan world uses.

What these do is draw attention away from the One who we must worship! All of this praying to Mary, to dead people who may not even be in heaven, to statues and to relics draw people away from God, not toward Him. Is it any wonder God said “You shall have no other gods before Me. 4 “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. 5 You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God..(Exodus 20:3-5)

That is exactly what the Church of Rome is doing! God is not the object of their worship, not with all the different things they pray to and adore. Those in the Roman church must wake up! The Truth is not in your church and unless something happens soon, it never will be. Your leaders are sending you to hell with their false Gospel, their false Christ and their false salvation.

The only way to salvation and eternal life in Heaven is through faith and trust in Christ. Salvation does not come from the pope or the traditions of the Church of Rome. Pagan practices such as those the Roman Church use, cannot save a soul. None, zero. In John 14:6, Jesus tells us “I am the way, the Truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” That’s it. No amount of confessions to a priest, of worshipping a wafer, kneeling in front of a statue of Mary or obeying the teachings of the Roman Church will save you. All Catholics must know that they have been led astray by their leadership. They must repent and come to Christ and leave the false religion that has deceived them all these years.


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